Here at Dr. Charli's Place, we help you make sense of your life one moment at a time. What does it mean to be present for this moment? How can we get you there? We explore this and so much more inside. Join Us!

"The three breaths technique and Straw breaths were really helpful for me. I am a Social Worker in a school, and I have used this technique with my students to help them calm down."

~ Kandice Lewis, LSW

Hi, I’m Dr. Charli Brown

I have been studying how to integrate spiritual/esoteric/metaphysical principles into everyday life for more almost 20 years. So much so, I have a doctorate in it! I've spent a long season of my life studying and learning, and now I'm in a sharing season of my life. What good is all this studying and learning, if the information is not practical and usable for the everyday person!? So my aim is simple: Take what I know and distill it into useful, manageable bites so the everyday person can include it in their life.